Photos: Fotoni Visuals, Tero Ohranen     

©2018 by Kuvaja. 

Kuvaja, a vocal ensemble founded in Helsinki in 2017, is becoming well known in Finland and beyond for heartfelt performances of a wide variety of mainly homemade a cappella arrangements. The ensemble’s five members, professional musicians with diverse backgrounds as soloists, music pedagogues, and arrangers, are united by their experience of music as a healing force. This core belief sets Kuvaja apart from other vocal groups, reflecting the ensemble’s unique sound and providing a deeply personal motive to its music-making.


In June 2019, Kuvaja won the third prize in the International Contest of Vocal Ensembles at the Tampere Vocal Music Festival.


Anni-Kaisa Haukka, soprano

Anna Karjula, mezzosoprano

Laura Vallenius, alto

Joona Vallenius, tenor

Aleksi Vasko, bass